Big Wave Surfing in Portugal

These days, sunny with a light fresh salty breeze blowing from the Atlantic, when the giants are sleeping, Praia do Norte, Nazaré, is a great place for sunbathing and surfing small fun waves all the way during summer. BUT if Neptun awakes from summer sleep and is waving his trident, summoning stormy season, you can wittness 20m high water mountains moving towards the coastline of Nazare, Portugal, apparently the spot producing the biggest ever ridden wave in the world. When the forecast is right, big wave surfers from all over the world, lead by Hawaiian big wave legend Garret McNamara, fly in and gather in the picturuesque little former fisher village Nazare. It is hard to believe what is happening on one of these days, unless you see it with your own eyes and feel the earth trembling, when one of those 20m water giants collapse.       McNamara discovered this portuguese big wave spot a couple of years ago and ever since this extraordin…
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